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Lee Jae Architects
Lee Jae
Principal, Architect
Lee Jae is a founder and principal of Lee Jae Architects Ltd. Seoul office. After graduating with M.A from Hongik University, Lee Jae studied architecture from the master course at Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona -ETSAB in Barcelona, Spain, and Lee Jae received his M.Arch from the European University of Valencia - Arquitectura y Diseño - MArch Valencia in Spain before founding his own practice in 2018.

Lee Jae has won numerous domestic and international competitions, including first prize in the International Architecture Competition hosted by the World Architects Association.

In addition to design work, Lee Jae has taught and lectured at schools of architecture in Korea. Lee Jae is also invited as a tutor to the Children's Architecture School hosted by the Korean Institute of Architects (KIA) and the International Urban and Architectural Design Workshop held in Barcelona every year, giving lectures and guidance to students.

Recently, Lee Jae participates as a coordinator ´One World Seminar` a global seminar involving representatives from civil society, heritage experts, academics, researchers, authorities, and regular people concerned about the conservation of world heritage sites. Lee Jae is focusing his attention on preserving cultural heritage.

Myeongho Shin
Director, Architect

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