Lee Jae Architects

Lee Jae Architects
    First Prize at UIA International architecture competition 2009
    May 04, 2021


    UIA 세계건축가협회가 주관하는 국제 공모전에서 대상을 수상하였습니다.

    Lee Jae Receives first prize in the 2009 international architecture competition in the idea category.

    Celebration of the Cities: Maxmix Cities 

     The first Celebration of Cities international consultation, launched in 2004 by Jaime Lerner, then UIA President, invited the architects and architecture students of the world to imagine “urban acupuncture” operations to repair the imbalances and fractures in cities around the world. In 2006, the UIA launched a second call to the community of professionals and students inviting them to participate in an urban democracy, a process for the improvement of the living conditions in our cities.

    The third edition of Celebration of Cities, CC3, was launched during the UIA Congress in Turin in July 2008. CC3 was organized by the Federation of Institutes of Korean Architects (FIKA) with the collaboration of the UIA Member Sections. Space Group in Korea took charge of the management and defined the theme: MAXMIX Cities: activities, built elements, spaces, may all be mingled, “mixed”, to allow cities to attain the maximum quality of life.

    MAXMIX CITIES is a response to the multiple contradictions of contemporary cities: high density and anonymity; man’s distance from nature and his desire to retrieve it; the opposition between the urban world and the rural world, between the past and the present. How can we mix the elements of this urban reality to improve the quality of life in cities today and respond to the citizens’ aspirations? This is the objective of the competition for which the projects should be set in a real situation. The jury met in Kyoto on 3 October 2009. Chaired by Mauricio Rivero Borrell, UIA 1st Vice President it was composed of Lisa Siola, Patricia Emmett, Kazuo Iwamura, and Albert Dubler, UIA Vice-Presidents, and Bae Byung Ki, Vice-President of the Institute of Korean Architects. Jae Yong Lim, President, KIA Committee for international Affairs, participated as jury coordinator.